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national products from Central Asia

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The products of Rakhat chocolate factory arrived
The products of Rakhat chocolate factory arrived
The Rakhat chocolate factory was founded in 1942. It is one of the largest confectionery company in Kazakhstan. It makes over 400 types of confectionery products. The most recognizable product is Kazakhstan chocolate in blue package with a golden sun and an eagle in the middle of the package.
The products of Ult Dami company arrived
Ult dami company is a premium national sweets producer. The products of this company are made only from natural ingredients
The products of Bayan Sulu confectionery factory arrived
The Bayan Sulu confectionery factory was founded in 1974. Today, all products are made using the most modern equipment from UK, Germany, Italy and Turkey. The factory produces more than 300 types of confectionery products
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